It's Showtime

This weekend Comcast customers get to watch Showtime for free.  I did not think this would matter much until I went to the movie section.

I thought HBO had everything, but I was wrong.  I have just watched two movies that I would recommend.

The first, Cairo Time, was a trip back to the desert city of Khartoum for me.  It accurately portrayed the feel of living in the desert, the clothes, society, women, men, food, coffee, religion, etc.Cairo Time Trailers  And, it also reminded me that that one drink from the Nile is still pulling me, beckoning me, return... return...return.  I strongly recommend renting and watching this movie.  Of course, its a great love story as well. 

The second, Crossing Over, Crossing Over Wikipedia, is much more intense.  This is not   John Edwards and his speaking to souls, rather is a multi-layered movie about all sorts of immigrants.  Legal, illegal.  Atheists, Jews, Arabs.  Multi-generational.  And the cast is amazing.  I highly recommend it as well.  The movie should make you think, and unless you are one way or the other on the issue, this is not a black and white movie, but shades of gray.

Finally, IT'S SHOWTIME. 

What?  Where?  When?

The voting has started in Southern Sudan, the referendum to separate from Northern Sudan.  A new country might be born at the end of the day.

There has been so much written and spoken about this day that it is funny it is so quiet.

Quiet.  Listen.

Can you hear New Sudan's first breath?

First cry?

I can.