I hear you Lord

Whatever we are called -
Mrs., Ms., Miss, or Mister,
Captain, Doctor, Maestro,
Ambassador, President, Professor, Dean,
Your Honor, Your Highness, Your Holiness,
Little Princess, or The Cat's Meow -
you, good Lord, call us by name.


Diocesan Convention

This Convention, being held in Dover, the capital of Delaware, will be a first for a few reasons.

The first is that it is being held in its entirety in a hotel.  Worship and everything.  We are trying out a centralized location with a couple of congregations hosting.

The second is that the Convention is being given over to Dr. Brian McLaren.  All workshops will be given over to his being there.

Finally, I will working double duty.  My normal routine of assisting the Bishop and the Treasurer along with the manning of a table.

As a Board member of AFRECS, the American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, I have brought AFRECS to the Diocese of Delaware.  Along with myself, Connie Fegley, another Board member, will be there as well. And, Maureen Lyons, from Trinity, will be helping as well.

If you are attending Convention, please stop by and say hello and join.  Before you come, please check out our website at www.afrecs.org