I knew that

This morning was not what had been planned.  Get up somewhat early, clean the pool, go to church and then pick up Cynde's monitor at Best Buy.  However, last evening after the performance of Opus One Jazz ensemble benefit for Friendship House at Trinity Parish, my engine warning light came on.  Well that was what changed my plans for Sunday morning.

A little before 9 AM I packed up a book, iced coffee and headed to Pep Boys.  Optimistically I had dressed for church from the waist up and threw the skirt into my bag.  However, it took and hour and 15 minutes which meant I missed church.

Next stop, home to drop off the skirt, and head to the mall, to replace my wonderful Walking Store Sudan sandals.  Back home, cut the grass, sit in the pool and to inside.  Way too cool today for the pool.

Yankees started playing at 1:30 pm.  However, I am a fickled game watching.  I have to have something else to watch.  Today that was the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? (also written What tнē #$*! D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!? and What the #$*! Do We Know!?) starring Marlee Maitlin.  A 2004 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. The plot follows the story of a photographer as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life and begins to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world. Her experiences are offered by the filmmakers to illustrate the movie's thesis about quantum physics and consciousness.

To say that this is weird is an understatement, except that there was a part that spoke about all the wonderful things that God puts before us that if we notice leads to a wonderful growing of our soul.

After watching the Yankees win, listen Philly they are doing the best to help you by beating the Nationals, I decided to go get something to eat.  Whatever place I picked would provide me with lunch tomorrow.

Met Eric, a 45 year-old with 5 girls.  He was waiting at the bar for their reservation and they were shopping until called.  What great conversation.  And, because I was talking I had lots of food left for tomorrow.  Sitting there sharing conversation and laughs I realized how blessed I am with the gift of gab.  I am so my mother's daughter and my grandmother's grand-daughter.  And, I smiled when I realized my daughter is the same.

Walking to the a car that makes me smile each time I look at it, holding an Olive Garden bag with the leftovers, in my new sandals and a pant suit that has not fit for two years, the blessings rippled over me.

So it was the blessings that had me handing over these leftovers to a homeless man at the light.  Why did this make me want to weep?  And why is this becoming habit with me.

A habit I was not aware of until tonight.

I did not know that.