What was I thinking?

I found myself back in my hometown again, dreaming of the house my father’s second wife lived in before she married him, a duplex, and the other half housing her sister’s family.  There are many times that I end up at that house, rarely inside, but more often than not doing something with the yard.  Last night it involved cutting the lawn while the house was being repainted maroon with white trim. 

I usually find myself dreaming of my hometown, my home or the high school whenever I am stressed, or at a time of decision making.  Why my mind settles there, I do not know.  I am sure that Freud would have an opinion as to why I am never inside the house.

Two gentlemen were watching from the adjoining yard voicing lots of opinions on the grass cutter, me, and the painter.  I remember magically see the house change to blue and white, immediately brightening the house and all around it.  Color, or the lack of it, plays an important part of our lives.

I had spent part of the day trimming away the dead parts of plants in the garden.  Perennials that will sprout again next spring and summer.  When I look out the front window it is a different view now, not brown, but filled with ever green plants and shrubs which compete with all the vibrant colors of the spring and summer, always present but sometimes hidden.

Men voicing opinions are always around me.  Lots of opinions, most of them I ignore, but some of them know me well, and those I keep with me.  I am more inclined to listen to women, women who understand what is at the heart of a subject, if the soul might be wounded, if courage is needed.

So who or want is waiting for me to decide, to notice?  How long will I gaze waiting for another sign?  How might the universe choose to communicate?

Possibly by needing to replace a hard drive which temporarily forces me off the internet and back to quiet and the time needed to ponder.


Movies to have your soul smiling and laughing

 I have not been writing much lately, and I like to blame it on the fact that my keyboard hates my fingers.  I can be typing along and the keyboard will make random keys stick or place the shift key where the enter should be.  It is infuriating.  So much so, I hate to use the damn thing.

However, there are times when I really want to share, to give in to the temptation and somehow manage to confuse the keyboard as to whose fingers are pounding away.

Before Christmas I came down with a cold that transformed itself into bronchitis.  Sent home from work, twice, I finally went to the doctor, received "drugs" and was told to rest, sleep, drink fluids and get well.  Oh, and to have a Merry Christmas. :)

What is one to do when confined to bed, alone?

Netflix and On Demand Movies, life savers they truly were.  And my taste is all over the map.  Just think 24 hours a day of not sleeping due to coughing and hacking.

It seems like I watched hundreds these past ten days.  And considering the plethora of holiday and Christmas movies, etc.  it was amazing that I could find anything else.  Some movies I have watched twice: Stage Beauty, Bran Nue Dae, Legion, The Mechanic, Lars and the Real Girl, Cedar Rapids, Hereafter, The Young Victoria, What Doesn't Kill You, and the Dr. Who Christmas Special - The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.

Some it pained to watch once due to the raw emotions on the screen  ; The Road, Edge of Darkness.

My two favorite during this period had to do with transformational love in two different settings.  Check out  Joshua  and Nativity!

Finally, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.