Couldn't you have told me that before

Saturday, a beautiful morning as I head down to St. Paul's in Georgetown for the Celebration of New Ministry for the people of St. Paul's.  The Rev. Joe Rushton has joined them.  Wonderful service and I met Evan, Joe's dog, who truly has the run of the place all the time.

Connected with friends and family as I traveled.  I used to talk all the time with Amy, my friend who passed away in June 2008.

At the reception, I spoke with folks from Primeros Pasos and The Way Home.  Re-acquainted myself with friends I had not seen in a while.  And, I met one of the newest priests to the Diocese, Donna Jeanne, who started at St. Peter's in Smyrna.

Leaving St. Paul's the weather was still beautiful, the promised rain not arrived.  Fastening my seat belt I pulled away from the curb and instantly recognized the sound of a flat.  On the right front, the same right front I had hit the curb with when I arrived.  Argh.

That goodness for AAA.  I am well passed the age of feeling that I had to prove that I too could change my tire.  Nope,rather I put on the flashers, turned on the radio, rolled down the windows and waited. 

Thirty minutes later I was on the road with my donut on the front and a speed limit of 55 mph.  Yikes that hurts worse that traveling with a donut tire.

Though Georgetown is sizable, a Pep Boys is not around.  So on the way home I dropped into the Dover Pep Boys.  Not much to do in this all male habitation.  Wandered around, found a tweety-bird key chain, then went to the waiting room to read.  Not much there either.  Men's Health Magazine.  Great stuff.  Learned a lot about how men view women, etc.  However, in an article that talked about weight loss, one of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to announce to his friends and family that they are embarking on a new weight loss program.

Now they tell me. 

To do so fills someone with a sense of accomplishment towards weight loss when nothing has occurred.

So, the universe had to provide me with a flat tire so send me to Pep Boy's to read a Man's magazine to learn I had made a mistake.

What, couldn't there have been an easier way to learn this?


Color Coordinated Eating

Well I have kept my promise to keep moving.  Yesterday I worked outside on the front gardens for an hour until almost dark. 
Now that work has ended and I am waiting to attend a 7 PM service, I have switched clothes and will pull out the bands around 5:30.

And, I am eating by colors. Eat as many colors during the day as possible.  Therefore, having three bean salad with corn for dinner followed by fruit is a no brainer.  And, let's not forget pumpkin soup with brown rice from LeShio in the Fairfax Shopping Center.

Today, I brought Kale to work.  Judy, my co-worker, taught me how to cook it.  Three of us ate a bowl and it was good and easy.  However, it is a lot of fun slicing and dicing with someone else around.  So I have had green, red, brown (?peanut butter), brown (raisins), peach and I am well on my way.  This is how people should be taught to eat.  Notice no white anywhere.

I am still grappling with the question about buying a scale.  Taking measurements was no big deal.  However, the number at my feet still makes me cringe.

And, I have to admit I have discovered that biting into a Gala apple each day at 4:30 is a delight.  Whether stuck in traffic or at the desk, the sound of my the biting is wonderful.  So does my delight come from the taste moving towards my brain or the fact that it feels good to eat right?


A good start

OK, it is day one for you but day eight for me.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of working in the house something, washing and ironing,things I so enjoy doing.  :)  However, it produced a sweat that I was thankful for.

This morning, I have completed the five minute workout by 5:50 AM.  Two of the cats sitting in various places in the bedroom watching me pull the bands.  The third was striking at the other band that was moving and striking the door.

Then downstairs to feed the cats and make breakfast.  Yogurt, strawberries and granola.  I try to get protein each time.

So, I feel good and ready for the first day of Holy Week.

It is called Fear

It’s only fear.

Two weeks ago I attended the Well to Serve, Well to Lead conference run by The Medical Trust/Church Pension Group and held at the Kanuga Conference Center in Harrisonville, NC, just outside of Asheville.  That conference has the potential to change my life, provided I push aside the fear and make it known.

I need to tell you that when the dress code for the conference was revealed, workout clothes, T-shirts, jeans, I was dubious.  What?  I had been to conferences run by The Medical Trust in NYC, and business professional was the dress code.  So, of course I took other clothes, thinking that my good friends were trying to “trick”.  Well, they were not.

The entire conference was dedicated to wellness, lots of lay and clergy employees who dedicate their lives to providing care for all our church employees.  And here were people that wanted to take care of me!  Yoga, walking, meditation, good food.

It has been quite a while since anyone wanted to take care of me.  At 60, I have been living essentially alone for about 6 years.  Self-sufficient.    And, to be honest, I do not like to accept or ask for help.  However, that is changing now.

At the conference, there were amazing speakers and information.  However, the person who stood out for me was Peter K.    Peter K and Peter K Fitness has been working with The Church Pension Fund for years.  However, I had not had the opportunity to see him in person.

So, I have started Peter’s 5 Minutes to Fitness Program and Nutrition Program.  It involves the use of “bands” to start with a five minute routine to build up muscle and therefore to lose weight quicker. 

My goal is to “move” more and more each day, rotating some type of physical exercise with the bands or in addition to the bands.

My fear was to admit to others that I was attempting this.  So, for two weeks I told only a few close friends.  Not family.  That is the biggest fear.  Letting family and friends and myself down.

So, I plan to write about this journey, as I did Sudan, asking for encouragement and accountability. 

From all of you.