Where Have I Been?

When you are working on the communication budget for the diocese and your blog is linked and you see that the last time I wrote was in June - where have I been?

Well, some of the time I have been ignoring my laptop at home.  I hate the keyboard and so I stopped writing.

I did not stop noticing phrases, or songs, or sermons, or people.  I wrote them down with the greatest intentions about being faithful.

However, I really hate that keyboard.

More times than not, I would have written a great deal, hit the enter key and my pinkie really hit the back arrow key. 

Argh! as Linus used to say.

Imagine my surprise as I was gripping that I could actually buy another key board and use it with my lap top.


Where has my mind been not to have thought of that myself?

Well, it has been involved with my daughter living in New Jersey, and dating a wonderful young man by the name of Nick.  

I have been working with the Reach Academy for Girls plant expansion.

I have been working with Sts. Andrew and Matthew on welcoming some folks from The Cathedral Church of St. John.

I have been gardening, and more gardening.

I have been relaxing in the pool.

I have been reading.

I have attended the wedding of my dear friends Lloyd and DL.

I have been hanging around work a lot.

So no more excuses.  It is August.

I better find the time between visiting my daughter, the pool, the garden, work, Reach and work to communicate a little bit better.

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