Day 1 2:30 PM

Well, I have just initiated a little test. 

At the Diocese of Delaware we have recently decided to utilize ACS in the Clouds or ACS On Demand.  ACS, Automated Church Systems, has been utilized for accounting since April 1994.

After some of the major hurricanes that affected all along the Gulf Coast, our insurance company, Church Insurance, suggested that disaster plans be put into effect.  The first part of that was the accounting system.

About a week ago, we lost power in the offer until around 1:30 PM.  The thought of moving over to Trinity Parish to log in utilizing their WIFI was not met with smiles.  However, it was determined that we should go over during a non-crisis to try out the system.

Well, we did not have enough time for that.  So, I decided I would try it today.

It was widely thought that we would just need the internet access to log on.


Today, I found ACS on Demand and quickly discovered that it was not so.  I needed to download a program onto my laptop.

I have successfully downloaded and then access the system.

And, personally, I went into the clouds in August so that everything is saved up there.

I am grateful to have been pointed into the clouds.

Now, back to the weather channel.

Stay safe all my friends along the shore and into the Marsh Lands in Delaware.

Stay safe, Kathryn and Nick and family.

I love you.

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