Day 1 of Sandy at 1 PM

Well, this reminds me a lot of the possibility of no electricity while in Sudan and to rely on the blog to keep people knowing that I am safe and hanging in there.

It has been raining all day.  I went out driving in Tweety around 8:30 AM scouting an open Starbucks to hang out and read within community.  No such luck.  However, Dunkin Donuts was open so I sat with iced coffee and did some reading.  I headed home around 9:45 AM and have been home since then.

It is now steadily blowing and gusting to around 45 mph.  Since our power lines are underground in my neighborhood, any falling trees will not impact that.  However, this is true for only new neighborhoods.  The older established neighborhoods in and around wilmington, that is not true.

My bedroom front windows face north so the blowing will be coming from that direction until the early morning when it will switch to SSE.

I will keep everyone posted.

Stay safe friends.

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